Tasha Davenport
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 39
Resides In TBA
Professional Information
Education College graduate
Love Interests Mr. Dooley (former husband)

Donald Davenport (husband)

Family Leo Dooley (son)

Chase (step-son)
Adam (step-son)
Bree (step-daughter)

Portrayed by Angel Parker
First appearance Crush, Chop, and Burn
Tasha Davenport is a recurring character in Lab Rats. She is the mother of Leo, wife of Donald, and the mother-figure towards the Lab Rats, especially Bree. She's in her early '30s.


Tasha is described as strict, fun and responsible. However, she can act a bit mean at times, especially out of strict nature. A good example is in the episode, "Parallel Universe". Tasha punishes Leo whenever he does something wrong, like a normal mom.


  • Tasha has appeared in almost every episode, but was absent in a few.


  • Tasha is the only member of the Davenports who's a recurring character.

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