Season 2 is the second season of Lab Rats . It began on February 25, 2013 with Speed Trapped.

Episode ListEdit

Ep. 2.01 Speed Trapped

Ep. 2.02 Spy Fly

Ep. 2.03 Missin' The Mission

Ep. 2.04 Quarantined

Ep. 2.05 Robot Fight Club

Ep. 2.06 Bro Down

Ep. 2.07 The Rats Strike Back

Ep. 2.08 Parallel Universe

Ep. 2.09 Spike's Got Talent

Ep. 2.10 Leo Vs. Evil

Ep. 2.11 Hole In One

Ep. 2.12 Trucked Out

Ep. 2.13 The Bionic 500

Ep. 2.14 Lab Rats: Bionic Showdown (1 -Hour Special)

Ep. 2.15 Memory Wipe

Ep. 2.16 Lab Rats: Avalanche (Special Episode)

Ep. 2.17 Adam Up

Ep. 2.18 Llama Drama

Ep. 2.19 The Haunting of Mission Creek High

Ep. 2.20 Prank you very much

Ep. 2.21 Perry 2.0



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